• Want to earn £180 for Xmas
  • Want to get paid on Fri 22nd Dec ahead of the festivities?
  • Free Sat 16 & Sun 17 December in the Edinburgh area?
  • Love Xmas, dressing up and having fun?
  • If the answers if yes to the above, we have a role for you.

Festaff are looking for good people to be part of our Xmas teams at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh as part of their 4D Cinema team.

We had the best weekend! Come and join us next time, such a fun experience”

“Best job I've ever covered! Would do it again in a heartbeat”

B Delany and K MacDonald on their Halloween 4D work experience Oct 2017.

We need people who are willing to embrace the role and take their lead from their supervisory team to create an enjoyable multimedia experience for the paying customer.

Please provide any info you can to support your application – such as previous work with Festaff.

We will provide….

  • Provide dressing rooms, full costumes and make up.
  • Provide welfare area as well as refreshments and snacks.
  • provide full briefing packs and rehearsal sheets pre-event.
  • Any/all passes required.
  • A wage for the two days paid on 22nd Dec.

You must provide….

  • Transport to and from event daily. Car parking will be available for staff

You must be…..

  • Able to work as part of a team.
  • Take your lead from our appointed supervisors

Venue: Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh (Next to Edinburgh airport -

Dates: 16th & 17th Dec 2017

Operational Times: Saturday and Sunday – 11am to 11pm.

Movies Start: 1pm both days.

Apply via this website.

To apply for roles a £5 deposit is required – paid back in cash on 1st day of event. This is just a token fee to show your commitment to your application. Any unsuccessful applications with be fully refunded.

Link to event website with info on bus, trams, cars, etc: https://www.royalhighlandcentre.co.uk/events/4d-drive-in-movies/

NB: Wages can only be paid on Dec 22nd if you have provided us with the relevant payroll & tax information by the Wed 20th Dec at latest. To make sure your info is up to date please contact Brittany@festaff.co.uk

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