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The cost of attending just one festival alone can add up quickly, let alone going to a few! Save your hard earned cash with a few of our best insider tips...

Take an old phone.
If you lose it, like many many people do at music festivals, it will be much cheaper to replace than a brand new smartphone!

Volunteer of course!
You will save yourself an average of £150 right off the bat, not to mention usually get a meal or two thrown in. Check out our list of 30+ UK music festivals in 2017.

Buy your merch on the last day.
You get some amazing deals on festival t-shirts at the end of the show. Be careful though, if everyone is wearing the one you want – it’s probably close to selling out!

Split travel with a friend.
We’ve got an area on our Facebook page dedicated to finding a lift or offering up free space in your car if you have it. Great if you are volunteering!

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A trip to the supermarket.
As we all know, food & drink costs can add up quick. Save a small fortune by picking up plenty of snacks, fruitpots, cereal bars & other high energy foods before you get to the festival.