Bloodstock Stage 2019

The anticipation for the Bloodstock Open Air Music Festival 2024 has skyrocketed following the recent revelation of the latest bands poised to electrify its legendary stages. This year's Bloodstock Festival promises an exhilarating lineup featuring some of the most awaited names in metal and heavy music. Leading the charge on the Ronnie James Dio main stage are Amon Amarth and Architects, who are set to offer fans a UK-exclusive performance, making it a pivotal moment for festival jobs and festival volunteering opportunities.

Amon Amarth, renowned for their Viking-themed melodic death metal, is anticipated to deliver a powerhouse performance that has their vast fanbase buzzing with excitement. "England! We are thrilled to be returning to the sacred Bloodstock grounds to engage with you and the Saxon hordes," states Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth. "We eagerly anticipate joining in combat and celebration with you all! See you soon."

Architects, the British metalcore titans known for their impactful sound and dynamic live performances, are also headlining, marking their set as a must-experience act for festival attendees. This diversity is further enriched by Korpiklaani, the Finnish group that masterfully blends metal with folklore, promising an electrifying show that merges traditional folk instruments with heavy metal to offer a distinct sound that captivates audiences globally.

Beyond the stellar lineup, the 2024 Bloodstock Open Air Music Festival is set to enhance the event's operations and attendee experience through the support of Festaff festival volunteers. Their commitment and effort are indispensable in ensuring the festival's success, from managing logistics to fostering the unique atmosphere that Bloodstock is celebrated for.

Hearing directly from our volunteers:

"Volunteering with Festaff at Glastonbury was the highlight of my summer. The sense of community among volunteers and staff is incredible, and the work shifts contribute to a memorable festival experience. I've made lifelong friends and am eager for the next opportunity."

"Having attended festivals for over 15 years, my fifth year volunteering with Festaff has been remarkable. I'm grateful for the unforgettable experiences and am looking forward to many more."

"My time volunteering at the festival was phenomenal. Working alongside a dedicated team and engaging with enthusiastic attendees made for an unforgettable weekend. I highly recommend Festaff for those seeking festival volunteering opportunities."

"Festaff's volunteering shifts were a blast! The team leaders were supportive, and the camaraderie among volunteers was heartwarming. It's an experience I'd suggest to anyone and look forward to participating in for years to come."

The festival is scheduled for August 8-11 at Cotton Park, Walton-On-Trent, Derbyshire – volunteers are required on site afternoon of 7th.

For those interested in festival jobs or volunteering opportunities with Festaff at Bloodstock, please visit our website to apply and learn more about available positions and shifts.